We made three of each of these two Ground Control hats as samples and are selling all of them.These are about as limited edition as you can get and are truely a collectors item.

Black Hearted Collaboration : Eric Perkett Pro Wheel 55mm, 88A

 Eulogy Sphinx

New Eulogy wheels specially designed for the GC Bullet Hi-Low frames. 47mm/93A.

Barely Dead – teaser 2 

We Are Valo 2 teaser

We Are Valo 2 is coming soon …

Watch the teaser

New Ground Control,Vicious, 4×4 t-shirts

ground control flag t-shirt

vicious fibers t-shirt

4×4 nightcrawler t-shirt

More info on: Rat-tail

USD Grey Realm

The grey version of the USD Realm entry-level skate.

more info on: rollernews

Usd Legacy Carlos Pianowski

Legacy Relaunch, Series 2 Since the beginning Carlos was a Legacy lover, but it was not everyones favourite skate, and here are the main reasons why :

1. The adjustable backslide plate

2. The weight

3. the narrow fit

4. Liner issues

5. Too many parts

So with the Carlos skate all of the above was taken into account. The skates comes out of the box with the new backslide plate which makes it super easy to look on any obstacles, wide, with a perfectly formed angled groove it is easy to look on for royals and torques on any surface. Smooth sliding for ultimate control on the grind.

The second issue was the weight. Even thought the Legacy was not excessively heavy the perceptions and feelings were that it was slightly overweight. To fix this we took all the material which we felt was uncessesary out of the soulplates, also we took material out of the USS plate and made the plate a bit thinner . As a result the skeleton including the aluminimum cuff part now weights just 620g yet it still offers all the support needed with the forward flex that you are looking for. Also the center of gravity has been reduced some Milimeters for more control.

The total weight of the skate in size 43 is now just 1554 g. If you weigh your own skate right now you will be surprised to find how lightweight this skate has become.

The fit and comfort of the skate has been totally reworked. The front is about 3mm wider giving a much more comfortable fit and also the heel area and ankle area is wider proving more comfort and still a snug fit.

Together with the sifika SL 310 liner (you cannot go wrong with sifika liners) and the 45° heel strap, the ankle lock on has been improoved while giving an extremely comfortable ride.

Last but not least, due to the adjustment possibilities of the Cuff and Soulplates there was too many parts on the last skate. All the washers have been replaced by bigger custom made screws.

So in the new legacy you will find 24 less peices, so it is now easier and faster to mount, with less parts to lose and easier customisation.

The new Legacy is not only a lighter skate, but it is a completely new story, allchanged and improved throughout the boot.

Features :

– weight 1554 g in size 43

– Undercover Carlos pro wheels with NEW Core, 55mm, 90a

– Sifika Sl 310 Liner

– Kizer Airshockabsrober with more air.

– Sifika Dual Inner Shocksole

– full size royalplate

– Kizer Type M Carlos Pianowski UHMW frame with silver bolts

– new hardwear on cuff and soulplates

More info on: rollernews

Usd Realm : Press Release

The Realm is a new style skate from USD based on a classic look. We originally designed the Realm as an entry-level skate, but after our initial testing we found that a lot of top skaters also loved the skate. We decided to stick with our philosophy of providing a high-quality entry level skate at an unbelievably low price, which is great for beginners, but we are also very confident that the Realm will also be the skate of choice for some of the world’s best skaters

Features :

– Solid PU boot

– Split cuff design

– Realm standard liner with thick padding

– Realm 57mm, 89A wheels

– Kizer UFS Basic frame with raised side walls

– ABEC 5 bearings

– Click buckles including buckle protector

– Chrome highlights

– Deep groove for easy lock-on to grinds

– Flat and fast soulplates made from a composite/fiberglass material

More info on: rollernews

Jeromy Morris Able Frame Preview

Produced by empir3

More info on: rollernews


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