Flexion Crew

September 23, 2006


We made three of each of these two Ground Control hats as samples and are selling all of them.These are about as limited edition as you can get and are truely a collectors item.

Black Hearted Collaboration : Eric Perkett Pro Wheel 55mm, 88A

Eulogy Sphinx

September 13, 2006

New Eulogy wheels specially designed for the GC Bullet Hi-Low frames. 47mm/93A.

Barely Dead – trailer 2

September 11, 2006

Crazy P!nK

September 11, 2006

this video is with my crazyyyyyy frined pink(respect).get some skates some…….

New pics

September 9, 2006


We Are Valo 2 teaser

September 8, 2006


We Are Valo 2 is coming soon …

Watch the teaser

Able – Charles Dunkle

September 7, 2006